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How to Cater to a Meat-Eating Spouse?

Are you a vegan, and your spouse is a die-hard meat lover? You fell in love with your spouse and want to spend the rest of your lives together. But, the difference in your eating choices is a complete contradiction, with you being a vegan, and your partner a meat-eater. Of course, you don't want to ruin the beauty of your relationship over who will get their choice of meal on the table.

Honestly, it does get tiring to think of a vegan meal and a completely different meat one. You could be spending extra time in the kitchen and also will have loads of dirty dishes to do. Here we provide you with a set of ideas that you can enjoy being a vegan and have your partner have meat without the hassle of prepping and serving two entirely different meals.

How to Deal with a Meat-Eating Spouse?

Before that, let's talk about the fact that this is just an eating choice, and the two must have a mutual respect established ensuring they are not hindering one another in any way.

1. Be Respectful

Many people around the world are practicing being vegan or vegetarian and are enjoying their meals. And often, it becomes difficult for carnivores and omnivores to live under one roof, but believe that it is not a bad thing.

Approach the matters with an open mind and be respectful of the choices of either spouse. You often watch a tv show or a movie and go to a place that you don't like, but your partner loves it. Why? You do it for them and be supportive of their choice. Why not in terms of eating regimes.

Respect the views of your partner regarding animal rights and try to understand their point of view. You being a vegan, consider that your spouse loves meat but acknowledge that and don't grieve or say things when cooking or eating meat. Also, try not to convert an another by force, try to give them a piece of your delicious vegan food and let them decide.

2. Compromise

It is a challenge to cook meat for a vegan and especially if they feel that the steak is going in the same pan as their tofu. Hold on to that thought, and find a solution. For instance, you might want to buy the utensils that can be cleaned with sanitizer or get two sets of pans – one for your vegan food and another for meat.

3. Creativity is the Key

Creativity added to your vegan dish can make a meat eater prefer the former one and ignore the meat. Try to give space and be beside your partner to foster your relationship, because that matters more than a meal.

Here is what you have been waiting for, the meals that you can make for both to enjoy.

4. Add Protein Variety

Cook some vegan sides and have your spouse served with a skillet or steak while you have tofu or a meat substitute as your protein. Like that almost 90% of both your meals would be the same with a twist. You will be giving your partner a taste of your medicine that will open up a path to have two options and deciding the best.

Moreover, you can have a meat substitute like veggie sausages, soy nuggets, and the grilled Quorn steak. And wonder if the spouse loves them, you are done with the first step to be a vegan couple. Choose your protein like tofu, meat substitute, or halloumi and for the partner steak or fish with your vegan dish as sides.

These work the best when you have roasted veggies, burgers, and vegetarian fish and chips. You can make a risotto (halloumi/ grilled chicken), quinoa and feta bowls (veggies sausages), and English breakfast (vegan bacon and sausages, beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes).

5. Scatter some Meat

Prepare a vegan dish and for your partner to add minced meat or canned fish on the top. You can make bean soup and then add chunks of meat to the other person because you need the protein. The addition of some meat will make a vegan dish as the hero and do a little dance when your partner loves it (you are making him enjoy vegan food).

Your vegan meal can have beans, cheese feta, nuts, and seeds as the protein while your partner got tinned tuna, chunks of chicken, or minced meat.

The meals that can be made using the strategy can be soups, salads, dinner bowl, and pasta. The recipes like bean and potato salad (tuna for spouse) bean soup and jalapeno (bacon as a side), brown rice with roasted pistachio, and eggplant (ground lamb as a side) work best.

6. Stew and Casseroles

When you want to make a stew or casseroles for dinner, chop the vegetables and boil the pasta. You can add chickpeas, vegan cheese, tinned beans, mushrooms, carrots, celery, onions, tomato paste, with potatoes and bay or curry leaves for that herby scent and flavor.

Yes, it will be a complete vegan meal and is a big step forward to make your spouse love and appreciate vegan food. You can try this idea for curries, soups, stew, spaghetti, and stews.

Moreover, you can make these soups and stew to freeze them for late use, and you will save time next time your partner craves for the delicious stew.

7. Dinner of Your Choice

You can prepare several different elements and then serve them separately. Your partner will be delighted to see a table full of choices. As you are the vegan and kitchen leader, make more vegan items and then keenly observe that your partner will choose most of them. It does sound a work of labor, but you have to be simple in the approach, that is how your creativity will shine.

Have vegetarian ham, sausages, boiled pasta, cashew, cilantro, and lime sauce, walnut basil sauce, barbeque vegetables, chickpeas, vegan cheeses, rice, pasta, and for meat you can have some steak or chicken strips. Your spouse will love to make a dinner bowl from these, and it can also be used to make sandwiches with bread, salads, and it is your mezze platter.

Here’s a tip, you can cook meat beforehand in a larger batch and freeze it for a fortnight or so instead of cooking it daily.

8. Ditch the Meat

Considering that your partner is open and respects your choice, then you can ditch the meat for a day or more. Make a special vegan meal like baked vegan pasta with Daiya or mozzarella cheese, potatoes, zucchini, and bell peppers. Or choose a mushroom pie, potato, onion, and rosemary pie, pecan or walnut pie, and cornbread pie. You can also bake rice with chickpea curry or spinach pasta.

Final Remarks

Here you have several ideas to cater to your meat-eating spouse and avoid the hassle of planning and researching new meat dishes for your spouse. You don't want to be a nagging or vegan advocate to make your spouse leave one's food preference over an argument. Go slow and trust the process to help both of you live in peace and harmony together.


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