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How to Convert to and Maintain a Pescatarian Lifestyle

"Pescetarianism or pescatarianism is the practice of adhering to a seafood diet, with no exception for meat.. whatsoever. Ignoring the urge to indulge in a party wing platter, then creating a fish alternative, graduates one to pesca-pro.


In recent days, there has been a rise in the number of people who have tried to achieve a Pescatarian Lifestyle. However, there are still many who do not know how to get started.

Here is a short guide on how to achieve a successful Pescatarian Lifestyle:

What is a Pescatarian Lifestyle?

In a pescatarian lifestyle, you not only consume vegetables but can also consume seafood. Many pescatarians also consume eggs and dairy products. If you would like to adopt a pescatarian lifestyle, you will have to give up on all meat except fish. However, you can consume dairy products and eggs (if that makes sense). Pescatarianism is sometimes one of the first steps people take, before going full-blown Vegan.

How to Convert to a Pescatarian Lifestyle?

Converting to a pescatarian lifestyle is actually quite simple. All you have to do is say "Toodles!" to mutton, beef, chicken, and pork and welcome your new bestie, FISH -no pun intended. Research has found that fish has a lot of minerals and vitamins that are very beneficial for humans. Moreover, no, you do not just have to consume fish – you can also eat all vegetables, lentils, eggs, yogurt, and milk.

How to Maintain a Pescatarian Lifestyle?

Now, this can be a tough one since most people covert to new lifestyles very quickly; however, they quit them even quicker. But remember, you can do it.

1. Learn to Say “No”

It can be difficult to refuse the food being offered to us all the time. Plus, studies show that it takes approximately 21 days to break a habit. However, if you wish to adapt to a new lifestyle, then you must make it clear to the people around you. Ensure that your friends and family know that you are changing your eating habits and that they should support and not discourage you. If you're able to connect with people that are on the same journey as you, having an accountability partner is a great option.

2. Eat from Home Before Going to a Party

This one helps a lot! It is always best if you have a meal before going to the party because you never know what they will be serving. It will be a great idea to attend on a full stomach, if you want to munch on something while everyone eats, you can easily have some salad, chips (there's always chips), or dessert, so you do not starve.

3. Have Patience and Be Realistic

I'm sure you've heard before that "all good things come with patience" and though it may not be what you want to hear, it's true. Be easy on yourself. Set short-term goals that will keep you motivated like "have a smoothie for breakfast all week". Don't expect to be perfect and embrace failures as they come. Everyone has to go through it, you'll look back and laugh at everything later. Enjoy the ride, enjoy making new friends, enjoy changing your life, enjoy learning new things. Always focus on your own capabilities and not what someone else is doing. If you need to start off slow, before going cold turkey - IT'S FINE!

4. Keep Your Mind Off Meat

Not focusing on the foods you once loved, is so much easier said than done. The same way that you make sure the people around you are on board, alter what you are exposed to, as much as possible. Following food pages on social media, that encourage your new lifestyle, will be of great assistance to you. Also, unfollow pages that tempt you. Out of sight, out of mind. Make it fun, check places like Eventbrite and Groupon for fun activities that you can do.

5. Try New Recipes

Eating the same things over and over can become "boring" very quickly. YouTube will become your new best friend during this phase in your life. There are tons of videos and recipes just waiting for you to try. One of the reasons that many long-term pescatarians are still going strong, is because they've grown a love for the lifestyle, always finding creative ways to implement new meals. This is actually the fun part! If you still don't know where to start, check out this cool video on 7 Recipes For Seafood Lovers.

The fact that you are even reading this, is a huge step in the right direction. Give yourself props! Take this information and go conquer your world. It is always hard to adopt a new lifestyle, but once you are consistent, it becomes much easier. Let me know how it works out.


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