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The Reason Most Vegans Don't Last Long

Vegan diets are very strict compared to many other diets out there such as Vegetarian, Mediterranean, and even Pescatarian. Whilst most people assume that all vegans are people who protest killing animals are wrong along the streets every weekend or try to convince you that eating meats are wrong, well, those people are wrong.

As not many know, there are many types of vegans out there like the vegan activists who protest, plant-based vegans, high carb low-fat vegans, and environmentally-conscious vegans.

Fun Fact: It is said that at least 85% of vegans and vegetarians will return to meat-eating within a year of their plant-based diets.

Story from an Ex-vegan: My name is Kate, I’m 24 years old and two years ago I made the transition over from being vegan back to eating meat and boy, did it change my life. Now don’t get me wrong, I was vegan for 7 years before I made this decision and I did enjoy the diet but the last few years affected my health and physical appearance. When I decided to turn vegan, I was only 15 years old, looking to make a difference to the planet. My initial decision was that I felt that I was contributing to animals being slaughtered for our consumption and that I was no better than killing them myself, so after some long, hard thinking, I decided I was going to try the vegan diet. As mentioned previously, I became very ill in the last few years of my diet and it was said to be the reason of me being too young that my body didn’t completely develop as it should’ve and that it was not the right diet for my body type, as described by my dietician. So, I was forced to eat meat in the first few months, but I did see a difference physically and I felt so much better, more energized, and was rarely getting sick. Overall, I would recommend giving veganism a go but check with your dietician if it is right for you. But for me, I will be staying a carnivore.

5 most popular reasons vegans will turn back to meat-eating

1. Lack of protein and nutrients you receive from iron and multivitamin supplements

Taking supplementary vitamins and minerals has its pros and cons. The pros being easy to digest, a good source of missing or low vitamin and mineral intake in the current diet, and cons being that it doesn’t provide as many nutrients and vitamins as the “real deal” foods.

2. Diets are destroying their health

Like Kate’s story, having an incorrect diet for your body can cause serious harm and health risks.

3. Craving foods that cannot be consumed in their diets

Craving a Krispy Kreme donut? Or can you smell beautiful meat dishes in restaurants? Many popular dishes out there are not meant for vegan diets and it can be very hard facing the truth that your diet can’t include some indulgent sweets.

4. Unwanted weight loss and unhealthy exercise habits

Due to insufficient nutrients and vitamins, there is a high chance of losing more weight than you need, which can be very damaging to your body.

5. Not recommended for current lifestyle

It is not recommended that pregnant women continue their diets as vegans as the infant needs all the nutrients as possible and the mother would be eating for two.

Apart from these popular reasons, there are other reasons such as: Having to take supplements (can be problematic for people who can swallow pills), lifestyle makes them stand out, can get very expensive and it can be hard to find vegan takeouts and restaurants.


In summary of it all, at the end of the day, it should be only you and your choice only. No matter what diet or lifestyle you choose, make sure you do it with the best intentions and will not put your body at risk or harm.


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